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Adoption doubts over laptop charging standard

Global – A Swiss tech group has developed a universal laptop charging standard that, it is claimed, could help significantly reduce e-scrap disposal volumes.

The idea is that if all laptops used the same external chargers, consumers would be less likely to dispose of a still-working computer if the charger for that machine stopped working. But there is a big question mark over whether manufacturers will adopt the idea.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) this week announced the forthcoming publication of the charger specs along with estimates that charger-related e-scrap from computers and other devices adds up to more than 500 000 tonnes each year.

A Venture Beat article points out that charging systems tend to vary between different types of notebook computer. Many manufacturers see the design of their chargers as part of the product brand and so are unlikely to be willing to shift to a universal model.

Nevertheless, the IEC hopes consumers and corporate decision-makers will be swayed by the environmental argument.

Source: E-Scrap News

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