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Adam Minter to speak at electronics recyclers’ congress

Europe – Adam Minter, author of the book ‘The Junkyard Planet’ and Recycling International correspondent in Asia, will be among the speakers at the 10th anniversary congress of the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA) to be held on September 18 in Belgium’s capital Brussels. The conference will focus mainly on the circular economy and the potential role of electronics recyclers as an important link in the chain.

EERA has invited several stakeholders to share their thoughts: the European Commission on the vision of a looped economy; electronics producers on eco-design; NGOs on extended producer responsibility; producer responsibility organisations and municipalities on the management of e-scrap; and recyclers on closing the loop and innovations.

There will be presentations from, among others, William Neale representing the European commissioner for the environment and Thomas Marinelli, who has responsibility for sustainability at electronics giant Philips.

Through the congress, EERA hopes to focus on opportunities in circular design and production, new business models, skills in building cascades and reverse cycles, and cross-sector collaboration.

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