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A2Z Group and Dataserv take on India’s e-waste

India – E-waste recycler A2Z Dataserv, which is headquartered in the Indian city of New Delhi, is investing an initial sum of Rupee 20 million (US$ 388 000) in setting up a facility expected to handle up to 10 000 tonnes of discarded electrical and electronic products per year.

The new facility, a joint venture between UK-based Dataserv and the diversified A2Z Group, will be established in the Indian city of Gurgaon. The latter holds an 80% share in an enterprise that will operate under the brand name ‘€˜weensure’€™ and that means to deliver e-waste recycling services to both India and the Middle East.

A2Z Dataserv’€™s Managing Director Amit Sardana describes India’€™s current e-waste performance as ‘€˜way below global standards’€™. Thus, he urges, there is a need to ‘€˜provide an effective solution for recycling and managing of electronic waste generated in the country’€™.

Aside from the Gurgaon facility, the two companies are planning on setting up five other plants across India within the next 24 months – and possibly in every metropolitan area, according to Mr Sardana. He is confident this drive will enable the venture to process 1 million tonnes of e-waste within a three-year time period.

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