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How do you cope with the coronavirus?

The coronavirus crisis will have a wide impact on recycling enterprises around the globe, according to two-thirds of those taking part in an online poll by Recycling International.

Out of 200-plus respondents, 45% say the coronavirus outbreak has already affected their businesses, while another 23% expect it to do so in the future. A smaller group, 14%, reckon the crisis has had little impact and only 20% believe it has had no effect at all.

Recycling International is keen to learn more about the stories behind this impact. ‘Every industry is suffering from the pandemic and the recycling sector is no exception,’ says Martijn Reintjes, chief editor of Recycling International. ‘We would like to invite both recyclers and technology and equipment providers to share their experiences with us. More importantly, we want to learn how you are coping with these challenges, whether in everyday operations or in trading. How inventive have you been? What solutions have you come up so far to face all these challenges?’

Recycling International wants to share your responses with the industry so please send your stories and suggestions to: [email protected]

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