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How a plastics recycler helps combat coronavirus

The recycling sector worldwide is considered an ‘essential industry’ during the current coronavirus crisis and Swedish plastics recycler and producer Polykemi AB is clear proof of the that key role.

The company received an urgent call from a customer in Switzerland who was part of the supply chain for the production of respirators – medical equipment crucial to support those coronavirus patients with a life-threatening condition.

Within minutes of the customer’s request, both production and transport departments at Polykemi were alerted. After a few working hours, the order was received and the material was planned for production. A couple of hours after that, the material was produced, quality approved and sent to the customer.

‘We are very pleased that our flexible organisation with short decision paths and distinct team spirit has enabled us to contribute in the fight against the virus,’ says Polykemi’s sales manager Mattias Persson.

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