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Wendt in demand for large ‘green’ shredding solutions

Recycling technology provider Wendt has sold four large plants with shredders ranging from 4 000-10 000 HP.

Wendt is currently installing an 82 Heavy Shredder in the US, the first of the four large shredders sold in the last year. This shredder (two by three metres) is equipped with a variable frequency drive which allows operators to maximise the shredder’s production while minimising their operating cost. It enables recyclers to control the motor’s power consumption and peaks.

The model also incorporates Wendt’s modular design features, including hydraulic and electrical control rooms. It also features an ILG sound enclosure and a ferrous downstream system for a higher quality, low copper shred.

Wider reach

The second contract involves a 2.5 by 2.5 metre shredder sold to a recycler in South Korea. It also represents Wendt’s first shredder sold into the Asian market. Currently in transit, this shredder is on track for commissioning in the second quarter of 2024. This robust recycling solution features a 5 000 HP motor. Entry into the Asian market reflects the company’s growing global reach and increasing demand for Wendt’s shredding technology.

‘Over the last decade, interest has primarily been focused on our smaller shredder product line,’ says Wendt’s business development specialist Ethan Willard. ‘Demand for large shredders remained relatively flat. However, the interest for our Heavy Shredders has increased in recent years.

This is indicative of a healthy metals market driven by a need for modern, clean, sustainable, and efficient shredder plants.  Ideally ones that operate at a lower cost and recover a greater percentage of valuable metals.’

Greenfield tech

Large shredder sales this year include two Wendt 106 Heavy Shredders. Both are 2.5 by three metres and boast a 6 000 HP motor with VFD technology. They will be installed at US-based recyclers in mid-2024.

Notably, one of these shredders will represent Wendt’s third ‘greenfield’ installation. It is equipped  with a complete shredder emission control system. This innovative system includes:

  • ILG Emissions Enclosure
  • APC Ultra High-Efficiency Filter
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
  • Acid Gas Scrubber

The system represents Wendt’s second full-scale installation designed to meet the strictest Environmental Protection Agency standards. The systems allow customers to comply with regulatory limits for:

  • Total Particulate Matter emissions (PM10, PM2.5)
  • volatile organic compounds
  • acid gases

The plant will also highlight an advanced low copper shred downstream.

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