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Webinar: Discover innovative recycling solutions by Forrec

Different sorting and shredding options and how best to convert waste to fuel were main discussion points at the recent webinar held by tech specialist Forrec. You can watch the video registration of the event free of charge here.

Forrec designs and produces shredders and customised turn-key systems for solid waste recycling. Forrec manufactures every plant with maximum care for the details. Moreover, each project is the result of a continuous research. Forrec’s aim is to produce performing and reliable plants, in order to provide zero environmental impact solutions. Forrec is able to support its customer with a careful maintenance and assistance service and it is equipped with a 2000 sqm warehouse, constantly updated with spare parts components.

Recycling plants designed by Forrec

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) treatment aims at separating waste material and recovering the quality recyclable materials, which can also be involved in the energetic valorisation of the dry not recyclable fraction RDF.

Two machineries developed by Forrec for MSW treatment are: Bags-opener LS and Primary Shredder – Multicrusher FR. Bags-opener LS, thanks to its shafts and its particular cutting system, can treat high quantities of material, starting from the opening of bags of waste for the subsequent manual or automatic sorting.

Forrec’s Primary Shredder – Multi-crusher FR is the perfect solution to process bulky waste or big quantities of material. In addition, this machine is designed with counter-blades on both sides of the blade to guarantee the same wear and to double the life-time of the blades.

Different sorting options for municipal solid waste

We can distinguish three different sorting options available for MSW treatment process:

  • manual sorting: manual selection made using a sorting platform where the operators collect the different materials;
  • semi-automatic sorting: it mixes manual sorting and automatic sorting (eddy current separators, magnets);
  • automatic sorting: a fully automated line with dedicated machines (e.g.: magnets, ECS, optical sorters).

How to produce the Residual Derived Fuel

The process of MSW treatment continues with the separation of the un-shreddable parts, after this step, the unsorted material is grinded for the production of RDF. Forrec’s plants guarantee high performances and the maximum throughput in the treatment of MSW for the production of RDF (Residual Derived Fuel). The last step of MSW treatment for RDF production consists in sending the material to the incinerator for the combustion and the production of energy.

Discover the innovative plants designed and manufactured by Forrec for solid waste treatment and disposal.

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