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Wastecare invests millions in ‘vanguard’ incineration technology

UK-based hazardous waste recycling specialist Wastecare has acquired the East Kent High Temperature Incinerator from Augean for almost £3.5 million (or US$ 4.5 million).

Wastecare has already taken over operations at the facility, which can process up to 10 000 tonnes of waste pear year at 1200 degrees Celsius. Wastecare calls high temperature incineration the ‘vanguard technology’ for the secure disposal of difficult wastes which require total destruction. Problematic materials include waste from the pharmaceutical, chemical, research, border control and medical sectors.

The business deal comes after waste treatment and compliant firm Augean announced it planned to close the doors of the incinerator. The site had made a loss in both 2018 and 2017. 

New owner Wastecare, which has its headquarters in Leeds, says it is making final cash payments within three months. Augean points out that the sale saved it about £600 000 in closure costs as well as raising revenue.

WasteCare Group’s chairman Peter Hunt (see photo) notes that the business deal follows a path of acquisitions that ‘firmly focuses’ the company’s resources in providing a national service for collecting and recycling most types of hazardous and speciality wastes on behalf of over 35 000 organisations throughout the UK.

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