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Want to buy a scrapped nuclear power plant?

An online scrap metal trade platform has taken up the challenge to deal with 1 500 tonnes of metal from a decommissioned nuclear power plant in Germany

More specifically, the parts of the Mühlheim-Kärlich facility up for grabs are the tank, rotors, two turbines and other components con. But, a representative of the scrap trade company Schrott24 stresses, there is no need to worry about radiation. ‘These are all parts of the generator that have not been in contact with radioactive material.’

The Mülheim-Kärlich plant was taken out of operation 30 years ago after having been used for only 30 months, due to irregularities in the approval process. It was located in an area prone to earth tremors and quakes and should never have been built there in the first place. A legal battle over the future of the plant lasted 10 years and decommissioning started in 2001.

Construction of the facility took more than ten years and the subsequent demolition has cost EUR 750 million. After the plant was dismantled, the generator was initially due be sold to Egypt for reuse. But this never happened and the components were temporarily stored.

Now, the Schrott24 platform has bought the parts in order to find recyclers interested in processing the materials. For more information, check

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