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Wales’ top recycling performance gets further boost

United Kingdom – Wales’ environment minister Hannah Blythyn has approved funding of more than £7.5 million (US$ 10.5 million) in 2017/18 to help local authorities continue to improve recycling services. The announcement has been made only days after Wales was confirmed as the UK’€™s leading recycler, achieving a rate of 57.3% in 2016 to easily outstrip England on 44.9%, Northern Ireland on 43% and Scotland on 42.8%.

The funding will be administered under the Collaborative Change Programme which awards capital grants in cases where local authorities want to implement changes to improve overall collection and sorting performance and to align services better with Welsh government policies.

When Wales voted for devolution 20 years ago, the country’s recycling rate stood at just over 5%, Blythyn points out. ‘Our recycling achievements have been massively boosted through improvements and expertise provided by Welsh government funding,’ she adds. ‘This funding will enable local authorities to adopt practices that lead to further improvements and help us achieve our ambitious targets.’

According to a 2017 report prepared by Eunomia and Resource Media, Wales can boast the world’s third-best recycling rate after Germany and Taiwan.

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