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VinylPlus: closing in on 10 million tonnes plastics recycling goal together

Brigitte Dero: 'We welcomed the European Commission’s initiative immediately.'

VinylPlus has pledged to recycle at least 1 million tonnes of PVC per year into new products by 2030. The voluntary European recycling scheme believes this target will be ‘a significant contribution’ to the overall 10 million tonnes objective set by the European Commission for the plastics industry.

VinylPlus has recycled 4.2 million tonnes of PVC since the scheme was launched in 2000. The scheme was able to recycle 639 648 tonnes of PVC last year. Europe’s PVC recycling sector created approximately 1200 direct jobs in recycling plants.

12.5% surge

Recovinyl remained the main contributor, registering 633 127 tonnes of recycled PVC in 2017. This is an 12.5% increase on the previous year. Volumes were up notably in both France and Italy.

But much more can be done to boost plastics recycling, says Brigitte Dero, VinylPlus’ general manager. She took the European Commission’s call for pledges as an opportunity to underline what today’s PVC recyclers are capable of.

Forward thinking

‘For nearly twenty years, our programme has brought together PVC manufacturers, additives producers, converters and recyclers. So we welcomed the European Commission’s initiative immediately,’ Dero says. The call for pledges ‘highlights the foresight’ shown by pioneers like VinylPlus in boosting further commitment.

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