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Veolia subsidiary to dismantle Paris railcars

France – Bartin Recycling Group, a subsidiary of French major Veolia, is to dismantle 317 passenger railcars used by Paris’€™ RER rail service, claiming it to be the ‘€˜first such project of this size’€™ to be undertaken in France.

The company, which specialises in the dismantling of various forms of end-of-life transport, says it will recover 97% of the materials in the passenger cars, including 85% steel, 10% other metals (copper, stainless steel and aluminium) and 2% other materials (such as glass). Each railcar measures 25 metres long and weighs 30 tonnes.

To recover the materials, Veolia has built a negative-pressure clean room that will be used to treat polluting materials such as asbestos. This facility, based in Torvilliers in the north of France, has been classed a ‘benchmark installation’ by French government authorities responsible for its inspection, the company confirms.

According to Veolia, the facility will process nine sets a month for the coming four years. After arriving on site, each set is cleared of all its furniture and then processed in the clean room. Once this operation has been completed, the cars are cleaned using high-pressure water which is then filtered and treated in a special unit.

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