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Van Gansewinkel targets 100% recycled bike

Netherlands – Dutch waste management and recycling group Van Gansewinkel is assisting a bike manufacturer, the Gazelle Group, in devising a 100% recycled bicycle.

Through this collaboration, the parties will explore how recycled material from old bicycles can be used in the production of new bikes. Van Gansewinkel and Gazelle are also studying the potential for reverse logistics of old bicycles.
A preliminary analysis by Van Gansewinkel suggests that a minimum of 91% of old bike parts is recyclable; in the Netherlands alone, more than 1.1 million new bikes are sold each year, meaning that approximately 20 million kg of plastics and metals are potentially recyclable.
To date, new bikes sold in the Netherlands have been made largely from newly-sourced materials, especially metals and plastics. By recycling discarded bicycles, the partners say they will stimulate raw material availability. To this collaborative effort, Van Gansewinkel Group brings its expertise in materials, recycling techniques and return logistics systems. The company will also optimise the waste management process at Gazelle production sites.

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