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How is the Russia-Ukraine conflict impacting your business?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to make headlines as politicians, businesses and individuals worldwide react with horror and incredulity and try to find ways to help those at the centre of the fighting.

Ukraine, which is home to over 44 million people, is the second largest nation in Europe by area. The war has uprooted many thousands of families while external parties such as the EU and UN are trying to find ways of bringing peace. What will happen in the weeks or months ahead is uncertain on social, political, economic and industrial levels.

At Recycling International, we have watched proceedings with disbelief and sympathy for all those citizens affected. These not just faceless strangers who are being affected, either directly or indirectly. We are thinking of the recyclers, engineers, subscribers and businessmen and women we’ve worked with for many years, many of whom are part of family owned companies; several of whom have appeared on the pages of Recycling International.

You are all in our thoughts and we’d like to hear about your experiences, if that helps in any way. Let us know how you are dealing with the situation personally or in business and we will share your stories.

Far beyond the battlefields, the chaos will be affecting many recyclers and traders in other countries. Our industry is a resilient sector full of pride and resourcefulness and a desire for innovation. Recyclers are renowned for staying ahead of the curve – and coping.

We’d like to pass on how members of the wider industry across Europe and beyond are dealing with the situation and showing the world how resilient the recycling family is.

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