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Two new recycling contracts for Suez in China

SUEZ has won two significant waste contracts in China, including the operation of a waste facility in Chengdong province.

The successful bids have come from SUEZ NWS, a joint venture between SUEZ and NWS Holdings which serves the greater China region.

One contract is to operate and maintain a waste treatment plant in the Jianghe Tianrong area, maintaining the group’s activity in the area since 2006.

SUEZ NWS will be responsible for the transfer and disposal of construction and demolition waste, industrial waste and domestic waste produced in Jianghe Tianrong. The expectation is that the recycling rate for the C&D waste will exceed 70%.

The second is a EUR 413 million, 30-year contract to build and operate a wastewater treatment plant in Changshu and to look after the sewer network in Chengdong.

Construction of the facility will begin this year and it is due to be operational by 2021 with a capacity of 60 000 cubic metres per day. A planned second phase will double capacity by 2023.

Shared commitment

Lu Jijun, vice mayor of Changshu, said, ‘Our partnership with SUEZ NWS in water development has generated significant social and economic impact. I believe that with a shared commitment to the environment, we will be able to speed up the adoption of an integrated water supply and drainage solution in Changshu, which will provide strong support for a liveable city and economic growth.’ 

Bertrand Camus, senior executive vice-president of SUEZ in charge of Africa, Middle East, India, Asia and Pacific, added: ‘These two new contracts strengthen our partnership with the city of Changshu and are another testament to our shared commitment to the circular economy and sustainable development.’

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