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Titech builds on sensor sorting success

Spain – Following its success at a revolutionary materials recycling facility (MRF) in Cyprus where recyclables were first sorted commercially from black bag waste, similar projects have followed for Tomra subsidiary Titech in Eastern Europe, the USA, Spain and the UK.

Jonathan Clarke, the company’s UK Managing Director, comments: ‘Titech’s business developed by targeting source-segregated waste and our greatest growth area is now mixed waste.’ A prime example of the use of the company’s sensor-based sorting technology is at Ecoparc 4 and Vallés Occidental in Spain – two of the latest additions to Barcelona’s network of waste treatment facilities. Ecoparc 4 has a capacity of 300 000 tonnes per year and targets PET, HDPE, mixed plastics, Tetrapak, aluminium, ferrous metal and paper from the mixed waste stream. Here, 10 of Titech’s Autosort systems have been installed in total, four of which are employed on the 2D fraction, specifically targeting paper. The 3D fraction also passes through four systems to separate plastics and non-plastics, with two further systems separating PET and HDPE. Vallés Occidental can process up to 245 000 tonnes per year and employs 6 Titech Autosort units to recover PET, clean and coloured HDPE, Tetrapak and mixed plastics. Ecoparc 4 and Vallés Occidental are based on the same waste treatment principles: material first undergoes pre-treatment whereby it is mechanically sorted and any oversize objects such as cardboard, metal and plastic film are manually removed. After passing through bag splitters, the material is then sorted by trommels into different-sized fractions, allowing recyclables to be targeted and separated.

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