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That’s a wrap: Top 100 2022 coming your way!

We completed the annual Top 100 of the world’s most innovative and inspiring recyclers this week. That means the next time you receive Recycling International, you can go throw the entire list.

What can we give away already? Recycling is becoming a more diverse industry, that’s for sure. Between the candidates on our longlist, the names offered by readers and suggestions from people in our network, we’re glad to see recycling best practices spreading to more corners of the world. Also, more women are entering the scrap scene, with a total of 32 of them on the list this year.

Besides, we’ve spotlighted several leaders of start-ups, next generation entrepreneurs, influential consultants and researchers. After all, they have their own unique impact on the dynamic recycling sector.

If you were on the list last year and are curious whether you’re still featured in the 2022 edition, stay tuned! Recycling International is going to press as we speak and should arrive on your doorstep shortly.

Be sure to discuss the Top 100 with your colleagues and industry friends — and let us know what you think.

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