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Swedish professorship targets ‘overlooked’ metals

Sweden – A Swedish research team, set up by Stena Metall and Chalmers University of Technology in 2007, has achieved world-leading status with its various recycling solutions – most especially in changing the metals industry landscape.

A total of nine postgraduate Chalmers students are participating in the professorship, which ‘€˜comprises a number of projects in an array of areas that reflect society’€™s development: recycling of batteries from electric cars, plastics, new electronic products with rare metals and so on,’€™ explains Christer Forsgren, Head of Technology and Environmental Science at Stena Metall in announcing that the team’€™s efforts have thus far led to ‘€˜several patent applications’€™.

Having garnered an international reputation, several research foundations are currently investing in the projects, which focus mainly on applied research into the recycling of metals that are commonly ‘€˜being overlooked’€™, such as frequently-landfilled metals originating from incineration ash and precious metals like rhodium found in automotive catalytic converters.

In the opinion of Christian Ekberg, Professor of Industrial Materials Recycling, new knowledge in this area is needed now more than ever in light of innovation and rapidly-growing demands on the industry as a whole.

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