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Stadler: now a thousand ballistic separators in operation

Stadler is celebrating a new milestone; the production of its 1000th ballistic separator. The machine was purchased by Vaersa, a waste management company in Spain.

The STT5000 6-1 ballistic separator was delivered to the Vaersa light packaging sorting plant in Castellón on September 28th, where it just started operation. 

‘The demand for ballistic separators in the Spanish market has risen very fast, driven by the automatisation of recycling plants, which have also significantly increased their capacity,’ comments Luis Sánchez, director of operations at the Spanish Stadler Selecciona SLU.

‘Without ballistic separators it would be very difficult to achieve these twin objectives. As a result, today more than 75% of recycling plants in Spain rely on these machines.’

‘We are pleased to be working with Stadler. We already knew of their excellent reputation and that it is a brand of reference in the waste sorting sector,’ says Noelia Almiñana, head of Vaersa’s waste management department.

A global market leader in ballistic separators, Stadler has pioneered this highly efficient and cost-effective solution. Development started in the early 1990s, and the first four STT2000 units were delivered in 1992 to Fischer for its sorting plant in Ravensburg, Germany.

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