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Spanish recycler claims ‘solution’ to reuse CRT glass

Spain – Spanish recycling company Camacho claims to have developed an ‘innovative solution’ for CRT waste.

‘We have demonstrated the possibility of converting a residue, such as CRT glass, into high quality material’, J.J. Santos, responsible for the waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) at Camacho, says to Recycling International.

Although the amounts of CRT Glass (Cathode Ray Tube) are decreasing every year, there are still thousand of tons of CRT equipments pending to be recycled. Television sets and computer monitors are the main WEEE containing this CRT glass. Recycler Camacho is using the CRT glass, not only the panel glass but also the funnel glass with lead content, in the construction material companies.

Camacho has more than 60 years experience in glass recycling. It processes CRT glass from Spain, France, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal. Only recently it has started to import from the US.

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