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Spanish law targets reuse optimisation

Europe – Spain has become the first EU country to introduce a reuse requirement for e-scrap following last month’s approval of its transposition of the 2012 WEEE Directive. The law sets a target of 2% for domestic white goods and 3% for small devices such as IT and telecoms equipment to be prepared for reuse from January 2017.

Designed to ‘optimise the reuse of resources’, the targets will be increased to 3% and 4% respectively from August 2018, note ministry of agriculture, food and environment officials. Manufacturers are required to register with the newly-created Electronic Platform that will monitor the e-scrap stream and its traceability while providing technical information on requests to facilitate reuse.

Meanwhile, electrical and electronic equipment outlets above a certain size must accept very small devices from consumers without levying a charge and without requiring them to purchase another item in return. Officials in Spain expect that this move will stimulate job creation in the repair niche.

‘The waste sector is the largest generator of green jobs in Spain and represents 27% of total employment of this kind in our country,’ they argue. Boosting the reuse market could create up to 4700 direct jobs, it is argued.

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