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Source separation innovation in Doha

Qatar / Sweden – A prominent Qatar-based property developer has awarded Envac of Sweden a major contract to install a state-of-the-art automated waste recycling system in Doha, to encourage residents to separate their waste.

The new apartments at the flagship Downtown project, developed by Msheireb Properties, will include a system that can handle around 80% of household waste. Three vertical chutes will be installed in each residential building, with inlets on each floor. Each is designed to handle organic waste such as kitchen refuse, ‘dry’ mixed recyclables such as glass, plastic, metal, cardboard packaging and newspapers, and residual waste such as wet paper, textiles and other refuse.

Envac’s automated process sucks the waste pneumatically through a steel pipe network to a centralised waste collection terminal that can be up to 3 km away from the disposal point. Commercial, retail and other users in the building will have their own dedicated inlets, while supermarkets, hotels and other standalone buildings will also get a dedicated connection to the network.

Mohammed Al-Marri, Projects Director of Msheireb Properties said: ‘We are confident that through education programmes such as these, future residents of Msheireb Downtown will make the neighbourhood’s green credentials a real point of pride.’

Envac pioneered its vacuum-based system of waste collection and segregation as far back as 1961, and has become a prominent worldwide supplier of residential and industrial automated processing facilities.

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