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Smart data portal reveals the power of sorting

Tomra Sorting Recycling has launched a cloud-based data platform called Tomra Insight. It ‘unlocks valuable new opportunities for sorting equipment users’, according to the technology provider.

The data is able to ‘transform sorting from an operational process into a strategic management tool for fact-based decision-making at every step of the value and production chain’. 

Tomra Insight operates virtually in real-time and can be accessed via a secure connection and user-friendly interface on desktops and mobile devices anywhere at any time. As an immediate benefit, machine-users will have the freedom to remotely analyse performance metrics and to proactively manage machines for performance maximisation and preventive maintenance.

‘We are proud to launch a functional and secure interface that will unlock the power of big data for our clients and enable them to monitor and optimise their sorting processes,’ comments company vice president Felix Flemming. ‘Operational data from machines across the globe will also help us improve service and maintenance programmes, predict parts’ lifetimes, and develop better machine set-ups, technologies and applications.’

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