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Sold! September 2003

* Columbus McKinnon
Merrick Construction Co. of Cottonport, Louisiana, U.S., has purchased two CM chip shredders from Columbus McKinnon Corp., Sarasota, Florida, U.S. to process tyre shreds and whole scrap tyres at a stockpile in Atlanta, Texas. These units represent the fourth and fifth CM machines purchased by Merrick. At the clean-up site, small chips are screened from the tyre shreds prior to processing in the new shredders, which work in tandem to produce cleanly cut tyre-derived fuel (TDF) chips at throughput rates up to 15 tons an hour. The TDF is subsequently shipped to Louisiana for use as a fuel supplement in paper mills. To help Merrick manage its operating costs, Columbus McKinnon has arranged the knife groupings such that they can be reground and staged down through all five of Merrick’s CM machines.

* Steinert
Hugo Neu Schnitzer East of Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S., has purchased a 67 inch Steinert LMR circular lifting magnet, while Hugo Neu Proler Co. of Terminal Island, California, has bought 63 inch and 83 inch models of the same magnet. These redesigned lifting magnets are unique, according to Steinert, in that there is no Nomex or other insulating layer between the magnet windings. Instead, Steinert has used a special anodising coat on its proprietary Anofol as the insulation material. Without these layers of bulky insulation, ’heat inside the magnet can dissipate quickly to the outside, creating a magnet that’€™s virtually unaffected by internal heat problems and that can deliver a 75% duty cycle,’€™ says the company.
Steinert’€™s LMR lifting magnets are represented in the U.S. and Canada by Resource Recycling L.L.C. of St Petersburg, Florida..
Meanwhile, Davis Industries Inc. of Lorton, Virginia, has purchased a Steinert Induction Sorting System (ISS) to recover non-ferrous metals and, most particularly, stainless steel from the shredder residue stream coming off its eddy current separation system. The ISS unit, sold by Texas Shredder Inc. of San Antonio, Texas, in cooperation with Steinert representative Resource Recycling L.L.C., recovers metals using specially-designed sensors that recognise the metals and activate air jets to eject the metals from the residue stream. The ISS system will reportedly eliminate the need for manual recovery of the metals and increase the amount of non-ferrous metals recovered.

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