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Sold! June 2003

* Texas Shredder Inc
ALL Recycling of Englewood, Colorado, U.S., has purchased a shredder system from Texas Shredder, Inc. (TSI) of San Antonio, Texas. The 80/104 NG model will incorporate the latest front-wall assembly design and longer-lasting bottom grate design. It will include a new 35º feed chute, hydraulic double feedroll, BEST undermill vibrator, ’No Weld’ disc rotor and Springs shredder isolation mounts. The new system will also incorporate an ‘€˜autopilot’€™ production performance feature to control the functions of the shredder in order to increase production, lower energy costs and improve finished product quality. The TSI shredder system will be powered by a new 2500 600-RPM Alstom wound round motor that will be commissioned and serviced by Mueller Engineering. ALL Recycling anticipates entering operation by the third quarter of 2003.

* J.McIntyre Machinery Ltd.
Impol Seval Sevojno of Serbia is among the latest companies to purchase a Tardis dross processing and cooling system from J. McIntyre Machinery Ltd of Nottingham, U.K. The machine was delivered in April and installed the following month. The Impol machine was one of six ordered from McIntyre over the space of only six weeks; the others are destined for companies in Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Taiwan and Mexico, bringing the number of Tardis installations worldwide to more than 140.
Tardis is a hydraulic pressing system designed to cool dross as quickly as possible. Rapid cooling prevents oxidation, which in turn means an increase in overall metal recovery rates. Key to fast cooling is a patented forced-air cooling system, whereby a large volume of ambient air is drawn through the press head, cooling it to such a degree that dross temperatures are rapidly reduced.
In short, Tardis can convert a hot material into an inert, cooled lump in a matter of minutes, with the entire process being carried out behind hydraulically controlled and inter-locked solid doors to increase operator safety.

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