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ShearCore is ‘punching above its weight class’

ShearCore has added the FS145 Mobile Shear to its portfolio. The new model is the largest in ShearCore’s product line of attachments for the demolition and scrap recycling industries.

The FS145R rotating shear unit has a shear weight of 28 000 pounds with a jaw opening of 46 inches and jaw depth of 47 inches. The machine has a reach of 14 feet 9 inches. The minimum excavator boom mount is 145 000 pounds with a minimum excavator stick mount of 250 000 pounds. The FS145 is also available as a non-rotating model.

‘The shear has been designed with less welds, fewer pieces, and is structurally stronger,’ says lead designer, Ross Christenson. Further innovations includes the new tip design to handle the ‘massive force’ this shear delivers. The machine also features a new ‘shark fin’ rear lug design that transfers stress, thus allowing higher forces to be distributed over greater mass. As a result, operators will see this shear ‘punches above its weight class’. ShearCore argues this is a big advantage in the steel processing world.

The FS145 now brings ShearCore’s Fortress mobile shears to eight different models including the FS25, FS35, FS45, FS55, FS75, FS85 and FS95. The Fortress line also includes the concrete processor cracker series.

ShearCore is a division of Exodus Machines; it offers a full product line for the recycling and demolition industries that include the Fortress Mobile Shears and Concrete Processors, which are made in the US facility in Wisconsin. Additionally, ShearCore is the North American distributor for the Copex Portable and Stationary Shears.

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