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Sesotec: the new name for recycling technology specialist S+S

Germany – S+S Separation and Sorting Technology of Germany is to change its name and logo. As of March this year, the company will be called Sesotec – a name that will be familiar to many as it has been the company’s internet domain for the last eight years.

These changes ′reflect the permanent development of the company′, it says. Sesotec is ′a strong name that signals the company′s leadership claim′. A new logo has been unveiled to go with the change of name. To ensure that customers and partners recognise the switch from S+S to Sesotec, its colour and form pick up on the design of the previous logo.

S+S specialises in various types of recycling technology, such as infra-red spectral analysis and magnetic separation. Its solutions cover anything from the automotive market to e-scrap, plastics, scrap metal and glass. The company currently owns seven subsidiaries spanning China, the USA, Singapore, the UK, Italy, France, and India.


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