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Scrap sorting tech expert commits to UK AI tie-up

Netherlands recycling solutions provider major Bollegraaf Group is investing in UK AI start-up Greyparrot.

The partnership is looking to retrofit materials and plastics recovery facilities with advanced AI capabilities. Bollegraaf will become a worldwide distributor and strategic partner for Greyparrot’s Analyser product. It says it currently provides ‘100% visibility’ into waste streams at recycling plants in 14 countries using AI camera systems.

First office in mainland Europe

Greyparrot, founded in 2019, is said to have a total value of US$ 12.8 million (EUR 11.9 million). Bollegraaf is making an undisclosed cash investment to obtain a non-controlling, non-majority stake. The deal includes the transfer of Bollegraaf’s own AI team of six people to Greyparrot. According to Greyparrot’s ceo and co-founder, Mikela Druckman, the personnel will remain in the Netherlands where the company will be opening its first office in mainland Europe.

‘A revolutionary leap’

Druckman says it is time for ‘a revolutionary leap’ in how we value, capture, and manage our waste.
‘Getting AI waste analytics in the hands of more plant managers, more quickly, will provide the industry the data-driven insights needed to build and operate smart materials recovery facilities that unlock new value from recovered materials and decrease the environmental impact of waste.’

Dutch test centre

Bollegraaf opened an innovation test centre in the Netherlands in 2021 and recruited the AI team to work on integrating AI analytics with its recycling machinery. Edmund Tenfelde, ceo of Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, believes further increases in recycling rates need more insight and collaboration across the value chain.

Waste composition

‘We have been looking to implement AI that can power fact-based and automated decision-making to provide our clients with a much more accurate overview of their waste composition and ultimately maximise their ROI.
‘We believe that Bollegraaf’s comprehensive knowledge of automation of recycling MRF operations, premium equipment quality, and unique engineering expertise empowered with Greyparrot AI systems represent the one-of-a-kind synergy that is destined for success.’

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