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Scotland: improved household waste recycling performance in 2016

Scotland – The household waste recycling rate in Scotland was 45.2% last year – an increase of one percentage point over 2015, according to official statistics published by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

The amount of household waste recycled increased by 37 891 tonnes year on year. SEPA points out: ‘Prior to 2014, household waste composted that did not reach the quality standards set by PAS 100/110 was included in the recycling figures. If such waste was included, as in the previous method, the overall recycling rate in 2016 would have been 45.5% – an increase of 5.4 percentage points from the 40.1% achieved in 2011.’

Total household waste generation in Scotland last year amounted to 2.5 million tonnes for an increase of 30 000 tonnes or 1.2% over 2015. There was a drop of 19 000 tonnes or 1.6% in the volume of household waste consigned to landfill, which SEPA attributes to increases in recycling and incineration. ‘This is the fifth consecutive decrease in household waste landfilled since 2011,’ the agency adds.


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