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Saperatec to establish recycling lines across Europe

Europe – Recycling technology supplier Saperatec of Germany and Saperatec Industries of the Czech Republic will together build and operate recycling facilities across Europe for separating multi-layer packaging materials. Both companies will benefit from ‘a double-digit million Euro investment to secure the international market entry’, it is revealed.

The recycling lines will transform multi-layer packaging materials and plastics/aluminium laminates from used beverage cartons into ′truly separated, marketable′ raw materials.

Jörg Dockendorf, managing partner at Saperatec, comments: ′With this co-operation, Saperatec will be able to unleash the potential of its technology and initiate a paradigm change in the world of recycling.′

Tomáš Sysel, chairman of the board of directors at Saperatec Industries, believes the partnership ′marks the start of a new age′ in multi-layer materials recycling and represents ′an important step towards achieving worldwide resource sustainability′. Saperatec expects the first facility to start operations in early 2016.

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