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Samsung bears down on microplastics

Electrical giant Samsung has presented a new concept for a washing machine to tackle microplastics at the recent CES 2023 technology show in Las Vegas.

The electrical giant is working with clothing specialist Patagonia to find a ‘feasible, effective and expandable way’ to minimise plastic waste from laundry cycles. Samsung recognises that increasing consumerism, and particularly fast fashion, means that large amounts of nylon, polyester and other artificial fibres are flushed away. Capturing them is a new mission.

The partners are working on a new filter system and washing cycle to reduce microplastics by around 55%. The new washing machine is expected to be available by the end of this year.

‘The technologies we’re unveiling at CES 2023 place sustainability at the core of the user experience,’ says Moohyung Lee, head of the R&D team at Samsung. ‘Our ambition is to become the most energy-efficient appliance brand globally, and our latest products and partnerships will help make sustainable living a reality for more people and more communities.’

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