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Russian aggression is fuelling demand for recycled tyres

Enviro says it has witnessed a significant increase in demand for carbon black and oil that it recovers from end-of-life tyres since Russian forces set foot into Ukraine.

‘The increase in interest entails that we will need to set priorities carefully, while it also confirms that we were wise not to be in a hurry to sign long-term supply agreements connected to our expansion plan,’ reports Thomas Sörensson, ceo of Enviro.
The company’s expansion plan includes boosting its recycling capacity to at least 900 000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres by 2030. ‘At the heart of the implementation of the expansion plan is the establishment of long-term supply agreements for recovered materials and end-of-life tyres. The strong rise in interest means that we now need to set our priorities carefully,’ Sörensson notes.
At present, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus produce a large volume of all carbon black used in Europe. At the same time, Europe intends to reduce its dependence on Russian oil and. ‘Accordingly, the war is likely to have a major impact on the supply of carbon black in Europe and globally, and it is obvious that this is causing concern among tyre and rubber manufacturers that shortages will occur,’ Sörensson argues. He underlines that interest in materials from recycled tyres skyrocketed almost immediately after news of the war broke.
Source: Tyre & Rubber Recycling

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