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Romania launching 40 million Euro recycling aid scheme

Romania has struggled to keep up with the increasingly ambitious recycling targets set by the EU, to date managing to recycle roughly 7% of its waste annually. In a bid to maximise its recycling efforts, the government of Romania has just announced it will make a multi-million fund available to its nation-wide recycling community by the end of the year.

Financial backing of no less than EUR 40 million will be made available for Romania’s recycling industry in November, according to the country’s environment minister Gratiela Gavrilescu. She believes the investment will boost employment, help established recyclers to update their machinery and expand their operations while encouraging the next generation to start a recycling company of their own.

Minister Gavrilescu adds that the government recycling aid package will be introduced at the same time as a nation-wide awareness campaign to educate people on how to sort their recyclables, and which materials are recyclable.

Environment minister Gratiela Gavrilescu (left) is eager to see Romania reach higher levels of recycling.

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