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Recycling tech experts: ‘Let’s stay practical’

‘There has been so much progress in the plastics recycling sector and we continue to push on,’ says Mariane Ostgathe of German tech provider Kreyenborg in response to negative headlines in the mainstream media. She tells Recycling International at the recent Kshow in Germany it is instrumental to be ambitious and focus on tangible, sensible targets.

‘We cannot allow ourselves to be defeated by the naysayers,’ Ostgathe says at the Düsseldorf tradeshow. ‘Focussing blindly on problems will not solve them. ‘It will only cost us precious energy and distract us from taking practical steps forward. We have to keep our head in the game.’

For Kreyenborg that means maximising the output and purity of plastic scrap by getting rid of unacceptable odours, hence its IR-Fresh odour reduction technology for post-consumer plastics.

‘Achieving this is the last hurdle for any processor wanting to offer premium quality recycled fractions,’ Ostgathe insists. ‘With IR-Fresh, we can minimise odours for any type of plastic, even automotive plastics that smell of petrol, or food packaging that is contaminated by organic waste.’ This yields an output that is homogenous, dry and ‘minty fresh’, available in either flake or pellet form.

Ostgathe, who was born in Sao Paolo, says Kreyenborg has received many inquiries from Latin American as well as Asian visitors. ‘Recyclers from Brazil and India are especially well represented this year,’ she reports. ‘I can understand why. These nations generate a very large waste volume and are eager to catch up to best practice witnessed in western Europe. Our team would love to help them realise their ambitions.’

‘Progress doesn’t end in our own backyard,’ Ostgathe declares. ‘State-of-the-art recycling technology can make a difference all over the world and I am confident it will. Kreylenborg is keeping its eyes open to new markets and partners.’

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