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Recycling ‘revolution’ proposed for Australia

Australia – Items that are currently only partially recycled or not recycled at all in Australia could soon be handled at a A$ 400 million (US$ 425 million) recycling plant planned for the Lower Hunter Area in South West Australia, according to a proposal from Garbis Simonian, the founder of Weston Aluminium. He is aiming to build a three-stage Hunter Industrial Ecology Park on 120 hectares of industrial-zoned land next to his company’s plant at Weston.

Mr. Simonian told the local ‘Newcastle Herald’ newspaper: ‘Recycling as we know it in Australia is a piecemeal process. We want to revolutionise the process with science and technology.’ Under stage one of the project, which is planned to be operational by 2013, an estimated 1 million tonnes of waste would be processed each year, with less than 5% ending up in landfill.

The proposal is for the plant to accept, for example, electronic and chemical wastes, coal wash residue, power station ash and carpet cut-offs, turning them into products for use in road, rail and drainage construction, the building industry and as fuels. The intention is for the park to generate much of its own energy as a by-product of its various specialist recycling operations. According to Mr. Simonian, 11 companies have already expressed interest in recycling waste at the ecology park.

Mr. Simonian says that he has already visited similar plants in the UK, Belgium and Germany but that the one planned for Weston would take their processes a step further. His plans also extend to developing similar industrial ecology parks in other regions of New South Wales.

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