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Recycling industry responds to Ukraine crisis

The war in Ukraine and resulting sanctions continue to affect many recycling businesses with a major German metal concern telling Recycling International: ‘Normally we would be happy with high commodity prices but we’d rather have more stable markets and no war with millions of people suffering. Prices may be high but so are the costs. Since the price of energy has shot up, production, logistics and other costs are skyrocketing. That means less profit, not more.’

The Ukraine crisis has led to the ‘highest-ever energy and raw material prices combined with a rising trend that hasn’t stopped’, observes Stephan O. Mayer from Germany’s shredder wear parts and components provider Stahlwerke Bochum (SWB).

‘This means a bunch of measures to be able to produce and deliver in time. Despite increasing prices [for the products], we need energy, metals, raw materials and transportation capacities to reach our customers.’ Mayer adds that ‘we should all keep trade flows going in order to avoid more and bigger damages.’

Helping hands

A growing number of recycling machinery providers are offering help to ease the Ukrainian refugee tragedy. ‘In times of crisis, it is important to stick together,’ says the management of URT Recycling Technology in Karlstadt near Wurzburg. The company has supplied a large hall, loading capacity and manpower in support of a local charity initiative for refugees.

From the UK, European Metal Recycling has donated EUR 260 000 to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal with ceo Chris Sheppard saying he is ‘deeply saddened by the ongoing situation in Ukraine’.

‘I cannot imagine how distressing it is to live through what is happening in Ukraine. The loss of life and unfolding refugee crisis caused by this war has truly shocked the world.’

Meanwhile, e-scrap recycler Bartosz Kubicki of Elektrorecykling in Poland, is helping the company’s Ukrainian employees organise accommodation for their families who have fled to Poland.

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