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MTB opens new HQ in Saint-Chef

French technology expert MTB Recycling is celebrating the launch of its new headquarters in Saint-Chef today. The ‘smart office’ takes eco-design to the next level, says company ceo Jean Philippe Fusier.

The innovative HQ is home to over 16 000 sq. ft. of photovoltaic panels. In May, the power complex delivered 42 500 kWh of electricity, enough for an electric car to circle the globe five times.’

A total of 99.7% of the energy consumed in the new extension during the first week was produced by our own panels,’ Fusier comments. ‘We have accumulated sufficient solar energy to be autonomous in electricity.’ Besides, MTB has installed several 475 kWh Tesla energy storage systems to capture the energy produced on-site in a ‘highly efficient’ way.  

12 bridges

Also, a new assembly workshop was designed with higher ceilings and increased lifting capacity. It is made up of four sections, equipped with 12 bridges. MTB’s maximum lift load is now 44 tons. Added benefits of the modern-day workshop include increased isolation to minimise heating and cooling needs and skylights providing natural lighting.

Boosting local economy

Quirky spots that are part of the office are the indoor olive tree pattio (the tree is more than 500 years old), the employee gym, and a resting room dotted with bean bags and comfortable furniture. Fusier is happy to state that over 65% of furniture and decorations come from France, provided by nearby businesses. This was an important part of supporting the local economy, the ceo explains. The HQ was designed by French architect Edouard Vindry.

MTB’s Cable Box recycling line handles up to two tons of cable per hour.

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