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Recycling braves the cold

United States – Over the last four years, the USA has seen evidence that recycling is an activity for all seasons, with the Snow Sports Recycling Program (SSRP) collecting and processing more than 350 tonnes of snowboards, skis, boots, poles and helmets within the Denver and Salt Lake City metropolitan areas.

To prevent US residents from consigning snow sports gear to landfill, SnowSports Industries America (SIA) and Waste-Not Recycling set up an initiative that has gained momentum since its launch in 2009. To date, over 100 000 old skis and snowboards have been recycled – comprising an estimated 5% steel, 25% aluminium and 60% plastic, with the balance being wood and fiberglass. The materials have headed into construction or landscaping applications, or are manufactured into new products, including furniture.

To add to existing take-back locations in Denver and Salt Lake City, new ones are scheduled to open in Boise, Reno, Albuquerque and Phoenix.

Roughly 9000 cubic yards of landfill space was saved during the first year of the programme, according to the recycling partners. ‘It is pretty clear our industry needs to be part of the solution for re-purposing old, broken and obsolete gear,’ observes SIA President David Ingemie.

Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder is now developing a model for taking the initiative nationwide. Meanwhile, Washington State University’s Composite Engineering Department has dedicated itself to creating a line of products that can be manufactured from the recycled compound.


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Source: Great Falls Tribune.

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