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Oregon proves recycling incentives make a difference

The recycling rate for beverage cans and bottles in the US state of Oregon is more than double the national average. The reason behind this success: a doubling of the redemption rate.

The recycling rate of Oregon’s bottle exchange programme reached an all-time high in 2018. Some 90% of its deposits were returned, resulting in over two billion beverage containers being saved from landfills.

This is a dramatic improvement from 2016 when the state recycling rate was 64%. The Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative says it is even more impressive considering the national recycling average is only about 40%.

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Oregon residents are now offered 10 US cents for every glass, aluminium, and plastic container that is dropped off at their BottleDrop locations, up from five cents. In addition, the cooperative has teamed up with breweries to create bottles that are thicker and more durable than the normal glass ones.

As a result, the BottleDrop processing system can easily detect and separate the bottles so that they can be given back to the breweries for reuse.

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