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Recyclers turn to wine sector for higher recycling performance

With over 76% of glass packaging being collected for recycling across Europe it counts as the continent’s most recycled food and beverage packaging material. Now, the industry wants to push the collection rate to the next level.

Glass packaging such as bottles and jarscontain, on average, 52% recycled content. By joining forces with the wine sector, recyclers hope to collect 90% of all glass packaging in Europe. The deadline has been set for 2030, says Adeline Farrelly, secretary general of the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE). She is proud to announce that the wine sector has agreed to collaborate with glass industry stakeholders to achieve this ambitious target.

‘The wine sector is one of our leading market segments with a constant growth recorded in the last years. It is fundamental we can collaborate, and support each other in our sustainability efforts,’ Farrely notes. ‘The Close the Glass Loop platform is one way to do this together. The more recycled glass we can put back into our production loop, the lower the environmental impact of our bottles,’ she urges.

Despite these particularly challenging times due to the COVID-19 crisis, the circular economy is said to remain a key priority for the wine sector. ‘Wine is not an ordinary product and represents an enduring cultural symbol of fine life in which packaging has a fundamental role,’ comments Ignacio Sánchez Recarte, secretary general of CEEV, the professional body of the EU industry and trade in Wines.

With more than 90% of European wines packed in glass, it is clear this supplying industry is an inherent part of our business model,’ he adds. ‘By helping the glass packaging chain improve their sustainability score, we directly improve ours.’

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