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ReCommunity expands single-stream recycling

United States – ReCommunity, a US specialist in recycling, recovery and repowering, has launched an automated recycling facility at Beacon, New York. Costing an estimated US$ 7.5 million, it will treat a number of recyclable materials, ranging from aluminium, tin and plastics to old newspapers and glass jars.

The 52 000-square-foot facility uses single-stream technology. All incoming material will be collected from throughout the north east of the USA, including the greater Hudson Valley counties as well as several parts of south-west Connecticut; materials will be sorted automatically, baled and then shipped for conversion into new products.

At maximum capacity, it is calculated that the plant will prevent the annual release of 261 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gases as well as save 122 955 cubic yards of landfill space. According to the company’€™s Chief Executive Officer Jim Bohlig, ReCommunity’€™s full-time mission is to ‘€˜reposition waste as a strategic community resource instead of a growing liability’€™. And he adds: ‘€˜We exist to extract as much value as we can from recyclable materials and convert them to ‘€œrecovered resources’€ that replace the use of virgin natural resources.’€™

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