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Prospects sunny for Solarsilicon

USA – Solarsilicon Recycling Services LLC (SRS), which recycles unusable and off-spec silicon and processes it into usable feedstock for the solar industry, has spent US$ 6.3 million on acquiring a 90 000-square-foot industrial building in Ventura, California, USA, as part of an expansion programme that will keep the company in Ventura County, open new outlets for its products and services, increase its workforce and establish an incubator for a new manufacturing process that, it claims, could ‘revolutionise the industry’.Since March this year, the company’s workforce has grown from 43 to 70 while operations at its 20 000-square-foot Camarillo facility have been running on a 24-hour, six-days-a-week schedule since September last year in order to meet the demand for its products.
The larger facility will help SRS to continue its work on the development of a second process for cleaning silicon which, it says, will be ‘unique’ to the industry and will revolutionise the silicon manufacturing process. The Ventura facility will be an incubator for this new process and, once operational, it will become a flagship for the company’s expansion throughout the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and even Europe, allowing SRS to invite national and international customers to view its manufacturing, green energy and environmentally responsible disposal processes first-hand.
In the short term, the move to new premises will enable SRS to hire an additional 20-30 workers. The company is investing US$ 3-5 million in new equipment that will enable it to clean silicon to semiconductor standards and open up a new channel of distribution for its products.

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