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Krestin: precious metals play crucial role

Oliver Krestin, one of the managing directors of Germany’s Hensel Recycling, has become president of the international precious metals association.

Krestin was appointed during the latest conference of the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) in Reno, Nevada. He became vice-president last year and has been an officer of the European Chapter of the IPMI since 2016.

IPMI offers an international platform for companies, research institutes and experts to exchange information on current trends in the industry and to work together on developments and solutions for the future.

Industry leader

Krestin’s aim is to further consolidate the IPMI’s leading position in the industry. ‘Precious metals are an important part of our everyday lives. From environmental technologies, such as catalytic converters containing precious metals which are now being replaced with platinum-coated fuel cells, to cancer treatments, which use platinum.’

‘This means it is even more important to offer all market players a comprehensive network, such as the IPMI, in order to work together to guarantee the sustainability of the precious metals industry.’

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