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Power brands unite: Camec, Bosch Rexroth and Hägglunds!

It’s a special year for Italian machine manufacturer Camec, which has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. But even today, further innovation is still possible. So the tech specialist discovered when it came across the ‘innovative’ Hägglunds motors provided by Bosch Rexroth. 

Operating from Cittadella, a northern Italian city just a short distance from Venice, Camec has built a reputation as a reliable equipment provider. The challenge remains to enhance recycling systems for decades more to come, acknowledges the company’s sales & marketing manager Barbara Lombardo.

Camec specialises in precision machining and high-quality assembly, over which it maintains direct control. ‘Camec deals exclusively with customised equipment and turnkey plants, responding to all the customer’s needs,’ Lombardo adds. ‘We act as a strategic partner, making full use of our creativity to produce technical innovation.’ She reveals that linking up with Bosch Rexroth has helped the company pave the way for the shredder solutions of tomorrow.

2-in-1 shredder

‘We were intrigued to hear of compact Hägglunds motors that could offer the same performance as previous solutions without the need for a gearbox,’ explains Lombardo, who was eager to visit the last Ecomondo trade show in Rimini, Italy, so she could see the motor with her own eyes. The demonstration left her ‘impressed’ and so she quickly began discussing how to put Hägglunds motors into practical use for Camec equipment.

The Italian supplier kicked off its brand-new partnership with Bosch Rexroth by designing a 2-in-1 shredder solution. Developed to recycle paper coils and other bulky waste, the shredder is equipped with two Hägglunds CA 140 motors on one side and two Hägglunds CA 210 motors on the other. ‘These motors can work together for maximum power, but the option of freewheeling one of the motors in each set creates new flexibility at a lower level of power,’ Lombardo points out.

‘Our technical department decided to use the Hägglunds hydraulic motors because they required so much less space than others – and because they eliminate the problem of gearbox breakdowns,’ the businesswoman adds. Indeed, customer feedback has been ‘very positive’ thus far.

‘Even more versatile’

Thanks not only to their compactness, but also to their torque capabilities and immediate speed adjustment, the motors provide Camec with a wide range of technical advantages. ‘Hägglunds motors can make our own equipment even more versatile, which is an important aspect of meeting our customers’ ever-changing needs,’ Lombardo reports.

Moving forward, she sees a ‘clear place’ for Hägglunds motors in other Camec recycling equipment. ‘We look for real partnership based on high-level cooperation,’ she stresses. ‘Bosch Rexroth has shown the capacity both for fast delivery and for providing us with excellent knowledge, training and also aftersales assistance.’

Other shredder stories will appear in the upcoming issue of Recycling International.

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