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Plastic content in electronics continues to rocket

The value of the global electronics plastics market exceeded US$ 5 billion (EUR 5 billion) in 2021 and is projected to reach US$ 7.7 billion by 2028.

Increasing demand for electric wearables, such as smart watches and smart glasses as well as consumer electronics, is driving momentum in the e-scrap plastics sector. Growth is estimated at 4% during the forecast period, according to analysts at Grand View Research.

The Asia Pacific sector holds a roughly 70% market share, largely because it is home to many tech companies. The e-plastics sector in the US, which currently produces around 20% of the world’s plastics, was worth US$ 618 million in 2018. This is expected to hit the US$ 700 mark this year.

Laptop monitors remain the biggest segment in terms of application, closely followed by appliances and white goods. Other notable applications are televisions, LCD panels and handheld devices.

By type, polycarbonate and polyamide plastics are used the most in modern-day electronics, jointly making up over 50%. Thermoplastic elastomers, PC/ABS glass filled resins and liquid crystal polymers are also gaining popularity. Bio-based polycarbonate resins have only a marginal market share.

Meanwhile, producers around the world have shown an interest in expanding their use of  recycled content while also boosting the recyclability of their products. Legislative targets on eco-design and sustainability are likely to enhance this trend in the coming years.

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