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Partnership aims to ‘kick-start’ carbon fibre recycling

United States – The US-based Composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC) has signed a memorandum of understanding with ELG Carbon Fibre in the UK to collaborate on recycling.

The two companies are joining forces to develop ‘innovative ways’ to use carbon fibre and thermoplastics recovered via ELG’s pyrolysis process and turn them into value-added products with a ‘very competitive price’. This pooling of expertise is expected to yield ‘high-performance, low-cost material that opens up significant doors for collaboration on multiple product applications,’ says CRTC’s chief operating officer David Walter.

‘We are already discussing some major projects that will kick-start the recycled carbon fibre industry on an international level,’ adds ELG’s managing director Frazer Barnes. ‘Our fibre and resins combined with their research, product development expertise and production capabilities are an excellent match that will lead to multiple innovations.’

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