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Paper recycling at a record high in Europe

    Archiv – The ’Monitoring Report 2006’ of the ’European Declaration on Paper Recycling’, released by the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC), confirms a record high for the latest paper recycling rate of 63.4% in Europe.European Union | A total of 58.2 million tonnes of paper and board were recycled in Europe in 2006; an increase of 5.7 million tonnes (or +9.8%) since 2004, the base year for the target. Recycling of paper is a significant part of the paper manufacturing process in Europe but also a large industry in its own right, with links to a number of sectors in the global economy.
    It was only last year that 13 different sectors in the paper value chain pledged their support for the new ’European Declaration on Paper Recycling’ covering all paper and board products and aiming to make sure that all of the correct systems are in place to push the European paper recycling rate to 66% by 2010. The ’Monitoring Report 2006’ gives an overview of the sectors’ achievements in 2006, including the latest figures of the European paper recycling rate.
    The Declaration focuses on complementary actions by all of the sectors involved, and gives priority to the prevention of waste, improving the recyclability of paper and board products by eco-design, as well as further improving the quality of recovered paper available for recycling.
    Reaching the target of 66% would mean that some two tonnes of paper are recycled in Europe every second. Europe is already the global champion in paper recycling with a regional rate of 63.4%, higher than either Asia or America. The industries along the papervalue chain have nevertheless raised the bar further and are working to reach the target they set themselves in 2006.
    ’Our members have made focused efforts over the past year to boost the recovery and recycling rates of paper and board in Europe and I believe the result speaks for itself. A part of this is the continuing work in educating and training people about the importance of ecodesign to increase recyclability. We are all committed to further develop this cooperation and complementary actions which will help us reach our target of 66% in 2010.’ comments Anders Hildeman, Chairman of the ERPC.

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