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Nordic link-up in cable processing equipment

Danmark – Recycling technology supplier Eldan Group of Denmark has taken over Swedish cable line manufacturer Redoma Recycling to form what is claimed to be the world’s largest producer of cable recycling equipment.

Eldan has been active in the field of cable recycling equipment manufacturing for 60 years, having sold and installed several thousand lines worldwide. The company describes itself as a market-leading supplier of cable and electronics recycling lines for high-capacity installations.

‘With capacities ranging from 2000 kg per hour up to 12 000 kg per hour, we are one of the most powerful suppliers in the market,’ claims managing director Toni Reftman.

Redoma specialises in designing and manufacturing small and mid-size cable recycling lines. Since 1984, the company has delivered ‘several hundred’ such lines worldwide, offering three types – the Thunderhawk, Powercat and Firefox – which provide ‘cost-efficient, tailor-made’ solutions for capacities from 200 kg up to 2000 kg per hour.

For tough or reinforced applications, Eldan’s shredding technology can be incorporated into Redoma systems.

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