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Newcomer Leviathan joining the ranks of certified EU shipbreakers?

Start-up Leviathan is working with German Naval Yards at Kiel to demonstrate its sustainable ship recycling methods in order to be listed as an EU approved site. The Maritime Executive reports that the first vessel has arrived for dismantling which will be completed over the next few weeks.

Leviathan relies on a cold cutting technology it has perfected over the last ten years. The recycler says tests conducted indicate that this ‘clean’ method can reduce CO2 emissions during the dismantling process by a factor of 300. The German start-up says it is ready to handle ships on an industrial scale.

The first ship it will take apart is the 56-year-old HC Hagemann 1, a nearly 40 metre construction vessel (147 dwt) which arrived at the Kiel yard in mid-June. Cutting is underway and is scheduled to be completed by August.

Leviathan acknowledges EU rules require cutting to be done on a solid base so that no hazardous materials reach the soil. ‘This project is an important milestone and now the performance of the ESG-compliant recycling process can be verified in the next weeks,’ says Karsten Schumacher, managing partner at Leviathan.

He points out that the company will allow certain parts and components to be reused by local artists. This way, the ship will live on in works of art, further cementing the circular economy message.

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One thought on “Newcomer Leviathan joining the ranks of certified EU shipbreakers?

  • It is a very interesting test and I hope that the business can be scaled up.
    What I miss in the article are details about the EU-certification as implied by the headline. Maybe this can be clarified?

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