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New recycling targets from tech giant

Apple has announced a new target of using 100% recycled cobalt in all Apple-designed batteries by 2025.

And by the same year, magnets in Apple devices will use entirely recycled rare earth elements and all Apple-designed printed circuit boards will use 100% recycled tin soldering and 100% recycled gold plating. 

Currently, the company now sources over two-thirds of aluminium, nearly three-quarters of rare earths, and more than 95% of tungsten in its products from recycled material. The new targets advance the company’s 2030 goal to make every product carbon neutral. 

‘Every day, Apple is innovating to make technology that enriches people’s lives, while protecting the planet we all share,’ says ceo Tim Cook. ‘From the recycled materials in our products to the clean energy that powers our operations, our environmental work is integral to everything we make and to who we are.’

The company’s use of 100% certified recycled rare earth elements has expanded in the last year, increasing from 45% in 2021 to 73% in 2022. Since first introducing recycled rare earths in the Taptic Engine of iPhone 11, Apple has expanded its use of the material across its devices, including in all magnets found in the latest iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, and Mac models.

As magnets are by far Apple’s largest use of rare earths, the new 2025 target means nearly all rare earths in Apple products will soon be 100% recycled.

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